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About Dr. Jeffrey Eisen, Ph.D.

The creation of PsychoNoetics is the life's work of Dr. Jeffrey S. Eisen, an academically trained psychologist and psychotherapist. Dr. Eisen's discoveries brought him to a breakthrough expansion of Freud's id, ego and super-ego structural model of the psyche called the Enoe, and a revolutionary vision of the Self-Illuminated Human. Dr. Eisen is a gifted speaker, facilitator and author of hundreds of unpublished essays, four books, and a forthcoming one titled The De-Programmed Human. Playing 20 Questions With God, An Introduction to the Clearing Path of PsychoNoetics is both an engaging overview of the development of PsychoNoetics, and a comprehensive guide to applying it to your life. Oneness Perceived, A Window Into Enlightenment is a monumental body of work that attempts a unified field theory from the viewpoint of nonduality with academic precision and rigor, and stands to become a key reference within the alternative scientific community. He has appeared in an EnlightenNext webinar with Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Brian Robertson, and Andrew Cohen, recorded online interviews with EnlightenNext Magazine, and collaborated with the first director of the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) who inspired the name PsychoNoetics.

Letting you know… Dr. Jeffrey S. Eisen has passed on…

This is Jeff’s wife, Jeanie, writing… wanting to let those of you who have followed Jeff’s work know that he is now even more effective at clearing physiological, psychological and spiritual issues, should you be able to accept that… Jeff … Continue reading

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Letting go to love

Love is not the answer! It is not the solution to all life’s problems. Rather it is where you go to when the answer is found, when the problem is finally solved. Love is the state of being that underlies … Continue reading

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The Speechless Mind

Greetings! Another foray into clarity… another request for assistance. Still exploring for truth… still called toward a light-hearted sanity-for-the-times and looking for like-minded people to partner in SANE (Society for Aliens oN Earth). Here’s the pitch: If you’re a big … Continue reading

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We must master the art of being in two identities at once

Reality is not anthropocentric; it is not even perceptual-centric. The only thing that is perceptual-centric is perception itself. Each and every individual perceives as a separate center of the cosmos. This center is the experiential starting place for all creatures … Continue reading

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Trapped in the 21st Century

Greetings! Several weeks ago, I read an article written by Jon Mooallem about the Camp Fire that destroyed the town of Paradise, California last fall. Embedded videos alongside the text graphically demonstrated how people were trapped by the fire, while … Continue reading

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Looking out for Number One

Greetings! If you’ve been following my blogs, you know the unfolding of my thinking and writing toward sanity and the bigger picture. And you know that I’m looking for like-minded people to partner in a next step that’s coming to … Continue reading

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More unnoticed assumptions underlying the Perceptual Illusion

 Greetings! As you follow the list of the previous blog with this one, you may find yourself becoming ‘disillusioned’ with much of human civilization, including science, and keenly curious to know what is real beyond all the underlying assumptions. Stay … Continue reading

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Underlying, but Largely Unnoticed Assumptions of the Perceptual Illusion

The perceptual illusion is an appearance, sometimes even a hallucination (in that cognitive information takes a perceptual and sometimes even sensory form). But escaping the perceptual illusion is even more than escaping that appearance; it is becoming aware of our … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Human Entitlement

Not everything natural has been made for us to eat – as a matter of fact, none of it has… -Joshan Cultivation and domestication are the stripping of the unwanted survival strategies from plants and animals so that we can … Continue reading

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The most pernicious perceptual illusion

Greetings! Thank you to those who have responded to my call for like-minded people to take my projects to the next step… I’m looking forward to co-creating. To reiterate my call: I am putting together a team.  If you’re a … Continue reading

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