Guardian Consciousness Clearing (GCC)

[To be done with autokinesiological testing and TAT*]

I can read the embodied consciousness of all people. [+,-]**

  • Some people are in memory; [+,-]
    • evolutionary memories; [+,-]
    • past life memories; [+,-]
    • present life memories; [+,-]
  • Some people are in future (the anticipation of future events); [+,-]
  • Some people are in a CPRE context (Conceiving, Perceiving, Receiving, Emoting); [+,-]
  • Some people are in denial; [+,-]
  • Some people are in intention; [+,-]
  • Some people are in conflict; [+,-]
  • Some people are in belief systems; [+,-]
  • Some people are in false identity (individualism, illusion of separate being); [+,-]
  • Some people are in separation:
    • from Love [+,-]
    • from Source [+,-]
    • from Truth [+,-]
    • from all of these [+,-]
  • Some people have contractions or other obstacles to God consciousness; [+,-]

Do you know what form these/this take(s)?  [+,-]

Are you ready to clear this/these?  [+,-]

Please clear it now.  TAT

Any further clearing?  [+,-]

Please clear it now.  TAT

Repeat – Any further clearing? until it tests negative [+,-]


*TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique, Fleming, T. 1996) indicates touching the spot on your forehead that corresponds to your third eye.
**[+,-] is the sign for auto-kinesiological testing.