The real inequality…

…is not wealth, ability, or even opportunity. It is our identity and the level of our consciousness.

As long as a difference persists between what we do naturally, both as individuals and collectively, and the interests of humanity as a whole, democracy will not work, at least not well. There is going to be divisiveness between ruling parties, crime within nations, and war between them. There is going to be a need for a rule of law and regulatory, even repressive government by whoever is in power. This is axiomatic.

This difference is the root cause for all the ills of society. It is at the root of social and economic differences between individuals, classes and nations. It is at the root of religious, racial and economic discrimination. And it is at the root of environmental devastation and all the environmental abuses leading to global warming. Of course, poverty, greed, crime, war, closed minded fundamentalism, and a host of other social and psychological problems are also causes, but they are intermediate causes.

The root cause is, and always will be – the difference between the selfish interests dictated by human nature, and the interests of humanity as a whole.  This difference is the real inequality, and as long as it persists, there will be no peace.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our identity is dependent on how we perceive ourselves, and vice versa. Our level of consciousness is dependent upon how clear we are, and vice versa. If these things change, our motivation and our behavior will change with it.  This, too, is axiomatic.

[A call to Guardians of Humanity is the call to clear oneself and others, to heal our separated nature, toward an enlightened Self interest for the whole of humanity.]

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