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Continuing the search for what is real

In December’s post I offered three ways in which our bodies select and process information: 1) Giving us only the information ‘we need to know’ to survive; 2) making people and things appear to be physical objects in a material world; 3) making each of us seem to be at the center of that world. Here I outline two more ways in which the perceptual illusion carries us toward the divisiveness we currently experience in our world. Continue reading

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Perception… the indispensable illusion

Dear Friends, Orienting oneself in today’s world is difficult to say the least. I’m called to offer some clarity, which seems to be what I can do and what I can write.  Over the next few weeks, I will be … Continue reading

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Redefining Consciousness and Awareness

Originally posted on Jeff Eisen, Ph.D.:
Redefining Consciousness and Awareness… And a critical examination of the term “Conscious Evolution There is a lot of confusion between the words consciousness and awareness.  In many instances they are used interchangeably, i.e.,…

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Denying the Truth about Oneself

Each one of us has a personal hell, a region of fears, inferiority feelings, self-loathing and hidden shame, and of course we are all compensating for it in our own ways. This personal hell is different in everyone, but everyone … Continue reading

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The Deep Call

Originally posted on Jeff Eisen, Ph.D.:
The Deep Call More than ever before, now is the time for humans to realize their oneness and their unity. In our fragile world that threatens to break apart in so many ways, it…

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