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Psychonoetic Clearing – A Testimonial

Hello Everybody, here is a testimonial on PsychoNoetic Clearing. Make sure to sign up to our mailing list http://eepurl.com/bki9SL And don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel

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The Endgame

The Endgame Download PDF: humansphere.org/theendgame PsychoNoetic clearing can change human nature and thus change the very course of evolution.  How does PsychoNoetics do this?  By clearing the dominance paradigm and making way for the emergence of the consciousness paradigm. This is the endgame, the end of the game that we and all of evolution are presently in, and the beginning of … Continue reading

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Currency, Capital and Evolution

Currency, Capital and Evolution Why doing away with money is the last thing we want to do! Download PDF: humansphere.org/currencycapitalevolution Motorized vehicles and the roads they travel on, agriculture and food distribution, refrigeration, telephones, televisions, computers, and the internet, mining, … Continue reading

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