My First Discovery

Sometime in 1996 my wife and I attended an advanced NAET (Allergy Elimination Technique) seminar at which a dentist by the name of Andrew Pallos presented a memory clearing technique, called the LaChance technique, which involved auto-kinesiological testing and intentional letting go.  Without getting into details, I can tell you that Andrew claimed that it enabled him to get over his extremely traumatic childhood, and that without this technique he would have been virtually lost to the world.  To say that I adopted this technique with enthusiasm is an understatement.  In fact, it became the heart of PsychoNoetics, the kinesiological, clearing, psychospiritual therapy that I have been perfecting and practicing ever since.

Within a few months of commencing my self-clearing, I had virtually cleared my entire personal history, from childhood up to the present day, and was up to letting go of the illusion of the separate self.  From both my reading and my meditation, I had come to understand that my sense of being a separate self was illusory, but when it came to committing the actual act of clearing, I still hesitated.  It was too scary.  I was terrified that I would lose something precious, something essential, some sense of being me – and instead become disoriented, lost in an amnesiac miasma of non-identity.

Well, the reality, when I eventually got my nerve up and did it, was quite different.  Instead of being lost, I found myself.  I was nowhere, yet I had the sense of coming home.  I had stopped all doing, all making myself something, all telling myself that I was something.  The tension in my stomach, the tension in my emotions, and the tension in my mind, all due to my maintaining a false, personal, separate identity – relaxed.  I was me and I was home!

Shortly after this, in the clarity and stillness in which I was resting, and don’t ask me why, it occurred to me to test the question, am I God?  Surprisingly enough, the question tested positively. Yes, I am God.

After my elation quieted, it occurred to me to ask who else was God.  I asked the question of all of the people I knew that were on spiritual paths, but no one – not any of them were God.  So then I asked myself, “Am I the only one, the only God?”  The answer once again was yes.  However, I suspected this answer as being too good to be true, so I rephrased the question.  “Am I personally the One and only God?”  This time the answer was a resounding no.

And so I came to the understanding that God is God, and when I am God, and only then, I am the one and only God.  But when I am not God, no part of me is God… which further implied that being God is a state of consciousness, or more accurately –

God is consciousness, but consciousness without content.

At this point it occurred to me to ask whether Andrew Pallos was God, and this time I got a positive answer.  So I am God, and Andrew Pallos is God, and I have done extensive clearing, and Andrew has done extensive clearing.  So clearing has something to do with becoming God.  There is a connection!

These insights, starting from that day and extended in my writing, changed my view of reality, just as the clearing I continue to do is transforming my consciousness and my life.

This book is my attempt to share it with you.