Clearing and muscle testing, Q and A

What is PsychoNoetic Clearing?
Clearing is a practice that develops a channel of awareness and intention for wholeness through the body-mind.

Why is clearing necessary?
For millennia, Homo sapiens sapiens has been developing its most prized characteristic, the brain-mind.  This organ has carried the quality of ‘knowing about,’ that extends past the ‘knowing by being’ that characterizes all of life.  Like all embodied characteristics, ‘knowing about’ carries with it both benefits and deficits.  ‘Knowing about’ things means an inherent conceptual separation between the knower and what he/she knows about.  This evolutionary development has carried human civilization to its present situation, which is both miraculous and dire.

PsychoNoetic clearing addresses the accumulated problems of ‘knowing about,’ offers a return to ‘knowing by being,’ and a new partnership of body and mind that can shift the human pattern just a bit, and safely bring us through these times. [It’s not a technique; it’s a beingness… Thank you, Danielle!]

Why is muscle testing so important?
Because the human mind is inherently creative, it has created positions from which to ‘know about’ throughout each human lifetime, throughout the species lifetime, and even from previous foundational elements of life evolving on earth.  As human beings we have learned to live from these positions, and the whole truth bounces like a billiard ball against our positions as we live our lives.  We are just beginning to walk about in this inner landscape, but we understand that it out-pictures as the divisiveness we see and experience around us.

Muscle testing bypasses the mind to yield a channel of pure ‘knowing by being.’  It also becomes a practice of stilling the mind, so that the mind can relax into functioning as part of the whole Being.

What happens with clearing?
We intentionally let go of our fixed positions, layer after layer.  We come to recognize and trust our underlying ‘knowing by being.’ Both testing and clearing become part of our embodiment, part of our ‘knowing by being,’ like driving a car or playing the piano.

Why do we start the training with having someone else clear me?
This is our chance to develop a witness, a noticing of our inner state, a larger container for every position that we may be called to clear.

Before we are cleared*, we notice what is bothering us, the thoughts or feeling states.  As we are cleared, we notice what happens, whether we feel differently.  We are developing the ‘witness’ that can acknowledge how it feels to effect an inner change.

Then, as we practice testing and clearing ourselves, we refer to our inner state as feedback. Eventually, our witnessing becomes the constant awareness that can choose not to automatically react to circumstances, but rather to stay present and/or to clear the reactivity.

[*A note about PsychoNoetic clearing in a group: Group work is useful because we are naturally triggered and/or resonate with what others are bringing to the group.  We create both a safe space and a (w)holy mess of contractions in consciousness.  These contractions, whether they occur from logistics or personalities, offer themselves up to be cleared.  Bringing a group to this state invites the wisdom of the group to emerge.]

Any helpful hints for muscle testing?

  • When testing, intend to ‘go for truth,’ and not opinion.
  • Feed your muscle testing the pattern you want to use, by asking questions or making statements that your mind knows about, so that there is no inner conflict of positions.  A gender question, or a question about your name or phone number will be good.
  • Do not repeat questions, because the polarities will shift back and forth, and your answers will shift accordingly.
  • Place your attention on the third eye, letting your hands do their thing without your attention.
  • Use your witness, your awareness of your inner states, to confirm your clearing.