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Real change. Distant clearing. Guardians of Humanity.

Dear Friends, My last communication, activated by the on-going U.S. shift in political power, was an invitation to become a Guardian of Humanity. As I said, I’m stepping forward to offer training in PsychoNoetic clearing to those of you who … Continue reading

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False Sovereignty

False Sovereignty The real problem with humanity Download PDF: humansphere.org/falsesovereignty As long as we are caught in the dominance hierarchy, and to some extent all of us are, we are not completely sovereign. The dominance paradigm is not only a concept; … Continue reading

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Energy, Money and Power

Energy, Money and Power Download PDF: humansphere.org/energymoneypower Evolution has largely progressed by the dominance paradigm which in turn has been based on the principles of survival of the fittest or might makes right. This has created a power hierarchy in which qualities like strength, size, aggressiveness … Continue reading

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