Denying the Truth about Oneself

Each one of us has a personal hell, a region of fears, inferiority feelings, self-loathing and hidden shame, and of course we are all compensating for it in our own ways. This personal hell is different in everyone, but everyone has one.

Most of us who are on the path of awakening are avoiding this truth, the truth about our own personal hells, about what we feel, about what we fear we are – and are not.  Not only that but we, almost without exception, come to attribute the noblest of motives to our avoidance. We have convinced ourselves that, by the transcendence of our egos and the avoidance of our shadow material we are saving the world.

However nothing could be further from the truth. In our avoidance of our own personal Hells, in our determination to go around them rather than through them, in our determination to transcend our egos rather than transform them, we are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. By the collective avoidance of our shadow material we are dooming not only ourselves but the world.

Most of what we are taught by the wisdom traditions is true, but it is not complete. We are taught that our ego is our enemy, and we must transcend it and live in the sanctified stratosphere of the Self. However this is an archaic prescription. It is pre-psychological. Psychotherapy has given us some tools to transform our egos, thus obviating the necessity to simply transcend them.

The problem with most psychotherapies however is that they are conceived and held in the Newtonian model of reality and the medical model of disease, where materialism and linear, rational thought are the order of the day. The nondual, nonlocal, atemporal, and simultaneous realm of consciousness is completely unrecognized.

Now, more than ever, we still need therapy – we still need transformation rather than transcendence. However we need the right kind of therapy, a therapy of the new paradigm, a quantum therapy, a therapy of consciousness, an enlightenment therapy.

PsychoNoetics is that therapy.

Its goal, its criterion of success is not social adjustment, relative sanity, “mental health”, freedom from psychological symptoms or any of the other “old paradigm” definitions. Instead its criterion for success is unconditional enlightenment, staying present in your real identity as witnessing consciousness, calm clear and peaceful, at all times and in all circumstances.

With PsychoNoetic clearing it is now possible to not only gain insight into the shadow material of your ego, but to let it go, to completely disassemble it. It is now possible to release your memories, let go of your attachments, clear your emotions, deconstruct your belief systems, accept instead of deny and connect in love instead of separate in ego. In this way you can transform your personal hell into a universal heaven.

Dr. Jeff Eisen

3 Responses to Denying the Truth about Oneself

  1. gita says:

    I appreciate your uncompromising clarity & feel spoken to. Thank you, Dr. Eisen. The path to clearing my own illusions and denials seems heavily laden with dozens of askew boulders built by conventional education and riveting experiences throughout a 40 year professional career. To be sure, there were exceptional moments & flashes of a taste of enlightenment, albeit of fleeting duration. I thank you for the steady reminder of these moments through your thinking, publishing
    and keeping such vigilance. I adore your gifts and continue to feed on them. Gita L..

  2. Barbara Hutton says:

    Hi Jeff
    This is extraordinarily clear….thank you!
    with love,
    Barbara H.

  3. Hi Jeff, so good to know from you again. I’m not sure to know enough about economy, but certainly this would redefine it, however we would need to rename “corporations’ as we become aware of the Godness within ourselves. I believe humanity is awakening, slowly but realizing that our real needs are less than those the current predating system wants to convince us they are. Thank you and keep it coming.

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