Guardian Pledge

In return for entrance into the society of Guardians for Humanity, and the requisite preparation (training and clearing in the distant clearing practices of PsychoNoetics*), I freely make the following four pledges:

1. I pledge to devote at least 15 minutes a day to enlightening and raising the consciousness of humanity by PsychoNoetically clearing myself and others*, in person and/or distantly, individually and/or collectively, in the best way I know how.

a. When I develop sufficient coherence of intention to clear distantly, I will use, in part or in whole, the “Guardian Consciousness Clearing (GCC)” or its further evolution.

2. I pledge never to charge my fellow society members for using the clearing practices of PsychoNoetics or any application of PsychoNoetics.

a. However, I can ask them to contribute freely according to their means and guided by their conscience, to my work and support, to be used by me in any way I see fit. I will also contribute freely, according to my means and guided by my conscience, to the work and support of the person or persons who have trained me, also to be used in any way they see fit.

3. I pledge to use my best efforts to recruit and train at least 10 people to the society of Guardians, either to a chapter already in existence or towards the formation of a new chapter, so that they can carry on and extend the sacred work.

a. I will use any and all means at my disposal to fulfill this pledge, including the Internet and all other means, even those that were not yet developed at the time of my training.

4. I pledge to use my best efforts to continually progress in my understanding of PsychoNoetics, distant clearing, and the level of reality which is revealed by that developing understanding. Furthermore, I agree to share all of those realizations freely and without reservation with all members of the society.

*By PsychoNoetics I primarily mean the distant clearing techniques and the implications for reality that follow from that. In the case that you don’t recognize that you have undergone any internal changes after being cleared, you are not honor-bound to the pledge.

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