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Room for God

Sunday Greetings Going right to the point… Why does existence exist? I have written that existence exists because nonexistence could not exist, but this is a false or sophistic answer. Actually Why is the wrong question. No question is the … Continue reading

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What I mean by God

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of A Better Idea of God. In the following months I’ll keep the chapters coming both from my new book, A Better Idea of God, and How to Get There, as well as … Continue reading

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A Better Idea of God

Greetings from Dr. Jeff Eisen I know you haven’t heard from me directly for a few years, so I’d like to use this occasion to tell you what’s been going on.  A long time ago, in 1984, I was operated … Continue reading

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Taking Back God from the Atheists

Taking back God from the atheists (featured content on Dr. Jeff Eisen’s new, upcoming book, The God Book) A few years ago there was a lot of talk about the new atheists, writers and public speakers (Like Richard Dawkins) who … Continue reading

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Where Do We Rest?

Where Do We Rest? We would do well to start all spiritual investigations and most psychological ones, whether of ourselves or of others, with the question, where do we rest? When there is nothing that we are doing, nothing we … Continue reading

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Redefining Prayer

Redefining Prayer It is time to redefine prayer.  Prayer, in its usual definition, presupposes an external God or gods, which are alternately or simultaneously bowed down to, beseeched, or even the subject of anger and resentment.  The “New Age” alternatives … Continue reading

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The Omnius Manifesto

The Omnius Manifesto A proposed solution to corporate irresponsibility and the degradation of the human environment by redefining profit download intro PDF: humansphere.org/wisecalltoaction  download manifesto PDF: humansphere.org/omniusmanifesto The corporation as a living system Capitalism and the corporate culture, despite spinning … Continue reading

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