The Deep Call

The Deep Call

The Deep Call

More than ever before, now is the time for humans to realize their oneness and their unity. In our fragile world that threatens to break apart in so many ways, it is crucial to recognize our common enemies that can only be conquered if we pool our resources and proceed as “everybody-all-at-once.”

This is no longer a choice; this is an imperative. We have to know that we are competing, not against one another, but against a common enemy and an inner one at that. What is this enemy, It is nothing less than our shared evolutionary programming, the frailty and mortality of our bodies, our survival consciousness, and the beliefs, emotions and intentions that set humans against humans, religions against religions, and nations against nations. It is nothing less than the very boundaries of our existence.

In a way we are one humanity competing against the values of duality itself, against the inner separations that we have constructed throughout our evolution and history.

The urgency is upon each of us to relax into who we are… at a deeper level, as a unity. A great shift in consciousness must occur if technology is going to be guided toward its constructive uses, and if Earth is going to remain hospitable for human habitation. The shift we must each make is…

  • duality
  • Non-duality
  • ego
  • Self
  • separation
  • Oneness
  • false identity
  • True Identity
  • ignorance
  • Enlightenment
  • falsehood
  • Truth
  • the wrong place
  • The right place

And above all, people must expand their self boundary to include the All – the entirety of the system that supports life on Earth. This is the shift in consciousness that must occur… from individualistic, narrow self-interest to that of Enlightened Self-Interest.

About Dr. Jeffrey Eisen, Ph.D.

The creation of PsychoNoetics is the life's work of Dr. Jeffrey S. Eisen, an academically trained psychologist and psychotherapist. Dr. Eisen's discoveries brought him to a breakthrough expansion of Freud's id, ego and super-ego structural model of the psyche called the Enoe, and a revolutionary vision of the Self-Illuminated Human. Dr. Eisen is a gifted speaker, facilitator and author of hundreds of unpublished essays, four books, and a forthcoming one titled The De-Programmed Human. Playing 20 Questions With God, An Introduction to the Clearing Path of PsychoNoetics is both an engaging overview of the development of PsychoNoetics, and a comprehensive guide to applying it to your life. Oneness Perceived, A Window Into Enlightenment is a monumental body of work that attempts a unified field theory from the viewpoint of nonduality with academic precision and rigor, and stands to become a key reference within the alternative scientific community. He has appeared in an EnlightenNext webinar with Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Brian Robertson, and Andrew Cohen, recorded online interviews with EnlightenNext Magazine, and collaborated with the first director of the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) who inspired the name PsychoNoetics.
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4 Responses to The Deep Call

  1. please look at the HERM, human energy renewable measure,, we presented at the split croatia conference last week. we liked your presentation and were sorry you didn’t get to finish. we think we have something in common so we can get there from here.

  2. Shima says:

    Can I ask please about the year at which this work has been written? (I wanted to use some of the notes inside and I couldn’t find the year of publication)

    Click to access wisecalltoaction.pdf

  3. Jeffrey, you state all of this very well — simply, directly, intuitively. Yes, “everybody-all-at-once” — maybe “dealing-with-everything-at-once” — and operating from a common center that maintains this unity despite the vast diversity and variation that we certainly do want to maintain (skill-sets, cultural variations, illuminating alternative perspectives). How do we get to this common center? As you say, “by relaxing into who we are…”

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