Room for God

Have we at last gotten to the point in history where the leading question is no longer whether or not to believe in God – but how to define God!?

The one question that rationality and science can never answer is: why is anything here? That question takes on many forms, for instance: why do we exist, why does anything exist, and why is consciousness conscious? However, whatever the form, it is still the same question; it still points to the irreducible mystery of existence itself.

Once there is existence – in any form whatsoever, electrons, quarks, vibrating strings, even probability waves, there is hope that science can fill in the rest. However, it remains a mystery that out of no-thing something comes, and when it comes to bridging that unspeakable gap, even science is helpless!

Until that mystery is solved, until that question is answered, there is room for God. More than that, there is need for God, for God, God as the end of the line, God as pure creation, absolute creation, uncreated creation is the ultimate, explanatory concept.

[Note: In this book I am not referring to God as a person, a gender, a thing, an it, noun or pronoun. The word God is a gateway to the aperceptual, the nondual, the no-thing, the beingness. God begins where language and linear, dimensional knowing ends. The God that can be named is not God. The God that can be known is not God. But wherever perceptual and conceptual knowing is not – but consciousness still is – there is God.]