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The Endgame

The Endgame Download PDF: humansphere.org/theendgame PsychoNoetic clearing can change human nature and thus change the very course of evolution.  How does PsychoNoetics do this?  By clearing the dominance paradigm and making way for the emergence of the consciousness paradigm. This is the endgame, the end of the game that we and all of evolution are presently in, and the beginning of … Continue reading

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False Sovereignty

False Sovereignty The real problem with humanity Download PDF: humansphere.org/falsesovereignty As long as we are caught in the dominance hierarchy, and to some extent all of us are, we are not completely sovereign. The dominance paradigm is not only a concept; … Continue reading

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The Dominance Paradigm

The Dominance Paradigm Download PDF: humansphere.org/dominanceparadigm The dominance paradigm is definitely the elephant in the room. We think it is outside of us and it is, but it is also inside of us, every one of us, and it is … Continue reading

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Energy, Money and Power

Energy, Money and Power Download PDF: humansphere.org/energymoneypower Evolution has largely progressed by the dominance paradigm which in turn has been based on the principles of survival of the fittest or might makes right. This has created a power hierarchy in which qualities like strength, size, aggressiveness … Continue reading

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