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Searching For That Meaningful Career?

Searching for that meaningful career? Help others through transforming yourself.  Become a certified PsychoNoetics therapist. PsychoNoetics is the real psychic surgery; the new, uniquely powerful, psychospiritual clearing and healing therapy.  It can be practiced individually or in groups, on Skype … Continue reading

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Taking Back God from the Atheists

Taking back God from the atheists (featured content on Dr. Jeff Eisen’s new, upcoming book, The God Book) A few years ago there was a lot of talk about the new atheists, writers and public speakers (Like Richard Dawkins) who … Continue reading

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A Live PsychoNoetic Clearing Session

Here is PsychoNoetic Clearing in action.

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Original Perception

Religions and the wisdom traditions have various means to help us stay there when we get there, but they tend to be external.  Moral codes, commandments, restrictions, vows of obedience and service, all are simply to facilitate staying present.  The … Continue reading

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The Switcheroo

God is not dead, just alienated!  We are all God having a human experience. With rare exceptions however, the closest we “mortals” come to that realization is to think that we are having experiences of God.  When we do have … Continue reading

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Oneness Perceived, A Window Into Enlightenment

Peer Reviews: “…a thrilling ride through the passionate and inspired contemplations of a powerfully enlivened mind as it careens, often wildly, through a torrential stream of insight and realization.”—What is Enlightenment Magazine “This work focuses on releasing unconscious karmic memories, … Continue reading

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