The “I” that is a Constant

The sense of “I” is a constant. Whatever we believe, feel, intend, do, we feel that the “I” that is thinking, feeling, intending, doing, is the real us, the real “I”. What is more, it is at least conceivable that all sentient beings, on every level of evolution, whatever they are doing, feel themselves to be the very same “I”.

On the human level, we experience a plethora of “I”s that prevent us from realizing that when we simply rest in the “I” without thought, without content of any sort, we are resting in our true identity as pure consciousness – and we are God.

If the “I” is not simply our bodies, and, of course, it is not, is it really God? If not, what is it – and what is God?

God is the sense of “I”ness that is equivalent to universal consciousness. God is “I”ness as a constant, present throughout ever-changing modes of existence.