God has No Viewpoint

God is not everywhere and everything. He is no-where and no-thing. Therefore, he has no viewpoint.

God is not everywhere and everything; he is no-where and no-thing. In his pure state he has infinite potential, but no manifestation, no viewpoint and even no power. He has to be manifested in a living being to take on these qualities, but, then, his own nature, his God nature becomes obscured. And if he is embodied in our bodies, we tend to forget who we are.

To be fully human is to remember we are consciousness, God consciousness, then to embody it, to be God in a human form. But what is God consciousness? Really, it is nothing more than consciousness itself, absolute and pure. There is no higher power, no divinity, no hocus-pocus in it. It is just reality – unfathomable and unknowable. But because of the linearity, the inescapable thingness (or thingification) of perception, reality itself has taken on the aspects of the thing, and a hard thing at that, constricted, grey and filled with pain. And consciousness – that has come to be looked at as an epiphenomenon, a derivative of the physical thing that is our body, a ‘thing’ that our body/mind uses to be cognizant of itself.

Consciousness, however, by its very nature, is more than that. It is not a phenomenon, not a derivative of the body/mind; rather it stands alone as the very essence of life, universal, vast and ultimately unfathomable. Because of the oneness of its nature, it has certain undeniable characteristics. As we become cognizant of them, our self-imposed limitations fall away, and we experience clarity, exhilaration, love and brotherhood. We see that as consciousness, we are much more than we thought we were. We become awestruck, and in an attempt to explain or honor this crumbling of the walls that formerly contained us, we give a name to this rediscovered reality of consciousness, this rediscovered consciousness of reality.

That honorarium, that name is God!