Three aspects of a PsychoNoetic clearing practice

Cultivate a meditative layered inner experience: 1) becoming aware or witnessing 2) your feeling states:

(You must be experiencing something to clear it, but you must also be aware enough to intend to clear.)

  • Notice when you’re feeling bad or uncomfortable.
  • Notice when your thoughts are blaming someone/something for how you feel
  • As you witness yourself, think of the possibility of clearing.

Practice auto-kinesiology:

(You can identify precisely what it is that you want to clear by asking and answering questions through the body, not the mind.  See figures for more detail about muscle testing.)

  • Set your ‘yes-no’ polarity: Am I a man? (test) Am I a woman? (test)
  • State the hypothesis you are truth testing. For instance, “I have something to clear,” (test) and then ask the question, “Do you know what this is?” (test)
  • Am I ready, willing and able to clear it? (test)
O-ring testing. Make two circles by pressing your thumb and index finger together and then interlace them.  To test, you try to pull them gently, but firmly apart.  If they come apart, that is a ‘yes’ answer. If they don’t, the answer is a ‘no.’
Testing on one handFinger testing. Press the index finger down with the middle finger.  If your index finger goes down, the answer is ‘yes.’ If it is strong, the answer is ‘no.’
(Polarties are strictly a convention.  You can program yourself so that a ‘no’ answer is received when the muscles yield to the pressure.  The only important thing is to be consistent.)

Reflect upon how you already use intention:

(When we intend/do something [not plan or try], we are already deeply present with our own sovereign flow of power.)

  • How do you pee? (We all learn to do this volitionally.)
  • There is no difference between intending to stand up and standing up.
  • Words are intentional, so sub-vocalizing to clear is useful – ‘Please clear it now.’