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Room for God

Sunday Greetings Going right to the point… Why does existence exist? I have written that existence exists because nonexistence could not exist, but this is a false or sophistic answer. Actually Why is the wrong question. No question is the … Continue reading

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The “I” that is a Constant

Sunday Greetings on Mother’s Day… My mother had a strong sense of herself.  And in today’s blog I find myself remembering that about her.  As is true for most of us, my mother’s sense of herself, her “I”ness, moved around … Continue reading

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God is a very useful word

Sunday Greetings, May 1, 2016… How we use words is always half the problem.  This 4th essay from my book ‘A Better Idea of God’ continues my quest for redefinition and precision.   Please pass it on to any friends … Continue reading

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