Introducing The Omnius Manifesto

Occupy Wallstreet Movement Goes Worldwide

The Omnius Manifesto

An abundance-based economic solution

Something to Be For

In order for change to happen it is not enough to be against greed or even for stricter government regulation and corporate accountability, you have to have a program, a plan to make this change. And this program has to be well thought out, rooted in a deep understanding of the present system and a high but also practical vision of the changes that have to be made. The whole systems economics paradigm of the Omnius Manifesto is that vision and is a true plan of action to change the system that forms not only our economy, but also our very consciousness.

Over two decades ago, Dr. Jeff Eisen started to develop his ideas and techniques to shift human consciousness. In time these crystallized into Omnius and PsychoNoetics, and in the past year have been embodied into the PsychoNoetic Science Institute (PSI). Two years ago Jeff drafted the Omnius Manifesto, his proposal for a way of shifting human consciousness by shifting the present economic paradigm, but it is not until now, with the birth of the Occupy Movement, that the energy has arisen that could make it become a reality. As the Occupy Movement well understands, now is the time for humans to realize their oneness and their unity with earth. In our fragile world that threatens to break apart in so many ways, it is crucial to recognize our common enemies that can only be conquered if we pool our resources and proceed as “everybody-all-at-once.”

The Omnius Manifesto not only details what needs to be done, but also explains how to do it and why it must be done that way. It is a true integral solution, one that will completely revise the economic paradigm and benefit the 99% of humanity being represented by the occupy movement, including the billions of people employed by the national and multinational corporations. But the solution is larger than the Occupy Movement presently imagines. Shifts in consciousness do not come about without serious intervention and as long as we are ruled by a system which is incompatible with the well-being of humanity and the ecosystem which supports it, we will be at psychological odds with ourselves.

We can try to change human consciousness, but the truth is we are not going to succeed very well if we neglect to change the system that forms it. In fact, for the most part the very people who are trying to change things eventually face the choice of either bucking the system and being made powerless by it, or joining and being corrupted by it. Truly the only hope is to change the system itself.

There are many proposals on how to fix the capitalist system and the corporations it spawns, but most are looking to either elevate the consciousness of management (with the idea that an increase there would trickle down the ladder of corporate practices), or elevate the consciousness of consumers (with the idea that informed buying would influence corporate practices from the bottom up.) Despite the considerable merits of these initiatives, we fear they are doomed to only a moderate success, so long as the way that the corporations profit does not reflect their consumption of resources, both natural and human.

Instead, the idea of profit must be redefined.

It is clear that we have to build accountability and responsibility into the corporate mind. But the question is – how to do this? We believe the most realistic answer starts with redefining profitability, in other words, making it profitable for the corporation to contribute to the humansphere and unprofitable for it to consume without recycling and restoring. The only way to do this is to make corporations accountable for the real costs of their doing business, to make them fully responsible for the consumption and the destruction they cause, and to make them pay for the real costs of repairing the damage (if indeed repair is possible). Thus, profit is redefined from corporate gain to whole system gain—or to put it another way, we shift the bottom line from the corporation to the ‘humansphere’.

What you can do

Click here to read the complete manifesto

It is only nine pages. Study it. If you are not drawn to it; forget about it. You have another path. But if you do like it, if it excites and inspires you, send it on to everyone on your e-mail list. In order to have a chance of success it has to reach the right people, it has to go viral.

Also this proposal is far from complete. It does not have all the answers; it does not even have all the questions. That’s why we need your participation. These are two questions to think about and act on.

1) Who needs to read this, and how can you get a copy to them?

2) Where does it need to be implemented first, and how can you help us do it?

If you want to go even further and enter into a dialogue with us, suggesting strategies, pointing out obstacles, or just calling our attention to what we’re missing, or if you want to volunteer your energetic and/or financial support please contact us to see how we can work together.  Send e-mail to: 

The new mainstream is being built now… now is the time!

So far, we have integrated the manifesto on the blog as a primary outlet for dialogue. However, we intend for the Omnius Manifesto to evolve into a much larger and more comprehensive document to iterate vigorously on all facets.  In order to have a chance of success, deep dialogue is required amongst the willing for an integral approach and true understanding to emerge.

Please consider sharing The Omnius Manifesto and the supporting paper Foundations of Econocracy on the web to help spark a global conversation about the future of humanity.

With Gratitude,
Dr. Jeffrey Eisen, PhD
Cullen Kowalski, MBA

The Omnius Manifesto logo

PsychoNoetic Science Institute
36 R Street NW, Suite B
Washington, DC 20001
202-621-0726 Phone
202-316-0726 Fax
p.s. Here are some powerful slogans that could be used at “Redefine rallies” and even put on signs. Can you think of any others? Can you help us distribute them?

1) Redefine profit, contribution not consumption

2) Profit should be profiting humanity

3) Corporations are not people, they are accountable to the people

4) Don’t destroy the corporations, evolve the system

5) It’s not the corporation, it’s the system

6) Evolution not revolution


download manifesto PDF:
download intro doc PDF:

15 Responses to Introducing The Omnius Manifesto

  1. Uneek says:

    I’m sorry but i’m a little bit lost in the words it’s not the corporations , arn’t corporations
    who are forming the system ( Pardon my Englisch I’m from The Netherlands)
    The corporations are the ones who controle the market and they are in hands and control of
    the big bankers (the invisible hand of the market) .
    There has to be a revolutionary change by evolution in ourselfs as a united people of the world.

    • greenhandz says:

      serious concerns about this – - researching – believe me – i know what makes things viral and it won’t go viral if it smacks of anything that retains corporatism. <3 I love how people want to jump on the bandwagon of "Occupy" – if you want to express an idea – go to a GA. You don't get to jump the line because you have a 2year old "Manifesto" and a website. Everyone is an individual. This is why it takes time. I keep saying, there is no Microwave Setting on the Political Spectrum for this Movement. Take your turn behind the homeless guy on the stacks.

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  3. ami nasution says:

    I just want to say thankyou for the article. mr alvin-yudistira-dua translated it to bahasa Indonesia. Super. Am looking forward to read the 9 pages vesion. God Bless You Dr. Jeffrey Eisen, PhD

  4. Chris says:

    Every single human being is accountable for the damage that has and is being done to this planet. The shift of consciousness must start with the corporations, but ultimately must filter down to the individual. If everyone was to sit down and attempt a shift of consciousness and concentrate on the positive outcomes that it would bring; no matter how small, the world might just survive! To coin a phrase used by a well known British corporation…’Every little helps!…the irony!!

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  8. Peter Rae says:

    Thanks, Jeffrey. At last an idea that treats the planet as one shared space in which everybody has an equal right to demand certain basic rights of access. The idea of rewarding ecologically balanced, or positive, productive activity and penalising, even stopping, negative ones becomes logical the moment whole-earth thinking comes into play. The genius lies in dealing with human nature as it is, not as we hope it will be sometime in the future.

    I have reviewed the Manifesto in my blog and placed it into a number of my Facebook groups. I am adding this to my rather small collection of practical whole-planet suggestions. I have published one on pegging the value of currency to the Erg, an internationally accepted unit of energy, to take the value of currency out of the realm of manipulation. An idea for a no-party political system will be next. These dovetail in with your arguments for urgent changes to the definition of profitability.

    • Dear Peter,
      thank you for your review, and thank you for calling my attention to the Erg. My next blog on the economy is called Consciousness Backed Currency, where I propose a calorie backed currency as an intermediate step, so we are definitely on the same page. I have read your blog proposing an erg backed currency and will review it in the near future.
      Jeff ( Jeffrey Eisen PhD)

  9. coach1640280 says:

    The Omnius Manifesto is a general statement of priority and action. I get it.
    Can we be more specific and choose a single over riding issue and solution? What would that issue be?

    Here’s an example, if I were to choose an issue, and set on a plan of action:
    Choose corporate miss management of human capital as the over riding issue.
    Choose the most simple, feasible, and understandable solution.
    Choose to evolve corporations democratically.
    Choose to require equal power labor representation on corporate governing boards.

    What single over riding issue and solution do you see as most important?
    What most simple, feasible, and understandable solutions exist?
    What is your best choice from these solution alternatives?

    Where are your priorities, really, using a concrete example?
    I am happy to answer this question in respects to my “manifesto”.

    Strike the following links, if you will, but please leave the rest of the comment before the links. @_marp Plan-b:

    Thank you

    • @mikeriddell62 says:

      Simplifying the cause is necessary as you say if your manifesto is going to get traction. Look at how the press criticised the #OWS movement for not making clear a single defining demand. I suggest this:

      “We demand another currency that makes better things happen.”

      The world needs to understand the harm that ‘money’ does to people and planet. Another currency to counterbalance the corrosive effects on communiy is now required so that people can have real choice about outcomes. Another currency that rewards contribution to community (through teaching, giving, learning) would be a better way of valuing the more important things in life.

      Measuring success according to GDP is no longer appropriate. We need to measure Gross National Contribution instead.


  10. Thank you for your energy and efforts Dr. Eisen. As I read the manifesto I could feel the life force that is coming through you and the intention to manifest and shape new economical forms. The groups I work with are very focused in this intention. We speak about currencies as current-sees, ways to make flows of value visible. We speak about wealth as larger than money. We think its the moment for a new expressive capacity for humanity through the language of flows. Our project is

    I share with you an article written about our model ‘Wealth: A living systems model’

    Very grateful for your work. I feel its the moment to bring to life ideas that require a stretch in consciousness to reach the minds and hearts. As I read somewhere ‘The answer to how is YES!

  11. Chuck Kottke says:

    Just some rambling thoughts: Systems run by a few to primarily benefit a few generally become myopic and self-interested to the exclusion of all else. So corporations as such, with so few controlling the top and then controlling politics via their money, lobbyists, TV ads, and positions, need to become better entities, and we must remove the big money from campaigns, for the protection of all rights rests on a fairly elected representative governing body. The right to fair elections is essential to safeguard the rights of press, of speech, of protections against unreasonable searches and seizures, and so forth. And to prevent the concentration of unchecked power being sequestered into the hands of the few, business entities need to be truly diversified in their ownership, democratically run, and made to account for their social impacts as well as all other externalities (how they affect the environment, how they source their materials so, for example, so the cocoa beans they use are not produced using slave labor elsewhere, so as to foster wellness across the whole earth). More worker-owned companies, cooperatives, and benevolently run businesses must be the new standard. Clearly limits on campaign donations, and donations from only real people, would be a great start! No TV ads, just equally allotted times for all candidates to communicate to the voters. Term limits too – to prevent the entrenchment of individuals, and the negative affect that has. A system renewed with greater checks and balances, and guarantees that all citizens have equal pull with their duly elected representatives, be those elected as Senators, House Members, Presidents, Parliamentarians, Mayors, or Judges. Then corporate charters and structures can be examined, effective fair regulations enacted, and the best of behaviors promoted both economically and socially. More socially responsible businesses, non-profit hospitals and insurers, greater equity and harmony as a result.

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